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    NEA Workshop on Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Decision Making

    17-19 January 2017
    OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France

    Objectives and scope

    Nuclear issues are embedded with broader societal issues such as the environment, risk management, energy and health policies, and sustainability. As such, nuclear projects often generate considerable interest and concern from stakeholders. In this context "stakeholder" is intended to be taken in its broadest sense and should include concerned public, businesses, economic actors, NGOs, local, regional and national authorities, nuclear regulators, etc. Anyone who has relevant information, experience or concerns may seek to participate in the decision making process, and to interact with other stakeholders.

    Nuclear regulators, governments, operators, and other decision makers have a responsibility to ensure a high degree of transparency and to make clear and well-reasoned decisions. In this respect, there is an increasing demand for stakeholder involvement, participation and engagement. Across NEA member countries, many different approaches are taken to stakeholder involvement as decisions are made and implemented.

    Well-informed decisions broadly reflect the input of stakeholder views in a balanced fashion, the achievement of which can be difficult to assess. Attempts to achieve such broad understanding of views and acceptance of resulting decisions are an important part of building public confidence. Additionally, interested citizens, other stakeholders, and non-governmental organisations often call upon decision processes to be conducted in a manner that maintains public confidence. This workshop was not about what decision is made. Rather, it was about decision making processes used to reflect stakeholder concerns and input. How does one effectively involve stakeholders? How does one build and assess public confidence? How can broader stakeholder involvement help decision makers to make well-informed decisions that effectively address stakeholder views?

    On 17-19 January 2017, the NEA hosted a workshop on Stakeholder Involvement in Nuclear Decision Making to address the above and other related questions. While examining a number of case studies, the workshop drew upon expertise and applications across multiple domains of NEA work, including the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence, the Radioactive Waste Management Committee, the Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health, the Committee on the Nuclear Regulatory Activities, the Nuclear Law Committee and the Committee for Technical and Economic Studies on Nuclear Energy Development and the Fuel Cycle, to share perspectives and document best practices and lessons learnt from nuclear and non-nuclear activities alike on how to best involve stakeholders in the decision making process.

    The scope of the workshop included, inter alia:

    • various levels of stakeholder involvement, the terms and their meanings;
    • aspects of or factors in effective and ineffective involvement of stakeholders;
    • respective roles in effective stakeholder participation practices;
    • factual accuracy while encouraging differing positions and information;
    • approaches to enable trust and well-informed decisions;
    • the interrelationships between different areas of expert domains.

    The format of the workshop was highly interactive. Participants were encouraged to commit for the full three days as they would be interacting with individuals in different subject areas. The participants were divided into smaller groups and time was allocated for cross-cutting dialogues to capture different perspectives on stakeholder involvement. The workshop outcomes will be compiled into a report and shared with the NEA member countries.

    Programme overview

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    Day 1 – Tuesday, 17 January 2017

    OECD Headquarters, Conference Centre

    Welcome and opening remarks
    Angel GurrĂ­a, OECD Secretary-General
    William D. Magwood, IV, NEA Director-General

    Keynote speech
    Stephen G. Burns, Chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

    Setting the scene for the workshop: Objectives and structures
    Yeonhee Hah, Head of the NEA Division of Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety
    Ann Maclachlan, Former European Bureau Chief, Platts Nuclear Publications and
    Moderator for the Workshop

    Session 1. Legal frameworks and international conventions
    Session 2. Regulatory perspectives
    Session 3. Radiological protection

    Day 2 – Wednesday, 18 January 2017

    Moderator: Opening and reflection on the previous day's discussions
    Ann Maclachlan

    The overall policy perspective on stakeholder involvement and public debate
    Julien Aubert, Vaucluse Deputy, French Parliament

    Session 4. Radioactive waste management
    Group dialogue session A
    Session 5. New nuclear facilities
    Session 6. Extended operations of nuclear facilities

    Day 3 – Thursday, 19 January 2017

    Moderator: Opening
    Ann Maclachlan

    Governmental perspective on stakeholder involvement
    Julian Gadano, Undersecretary of Nuclear Energy, Secretary of Electric Energy,
    Ministry of Energy and Mining, Argentina

    Session 7. Stakeholder involvement in other sectors
    Session 8. Media and stakeholder involvement
    Group dialogue session B

    Closing session
    Moderator: Workshop wrap-up and conclusions
    Ann Maclachlan

    Closing remarks
    William D. Magwood, IV, NEA Director-General

    Summary report

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    , Head of the Division of Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety
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