Memorial statement - Prof. Massimo Salvatores

(This message was sent to MBDAV memberes on 12 May 2020)



As many of you may know, Prof. Massimo Salvatores passed away in March 2020.

He was well known for his contributions in the reactor physics and nuclear data fields, notably through his leading of many initiatives that still continue today, some of which preceded the current NEA framework of the Data Bank and Nuclear Science Committee of the OECD/NEA.

Some members of our community have suggested us to honour Prof. Salvatores, in an official way, through a written statement, issued officially from our groups and committees to honour his memory.

The attached memorial statement (at NSC web site; pdf version is here) has been reviewed by MBDAV bureau and the JEFF Co-ordination Group, both of which strongly supported this initiative.

I would therefore like to send this message to the mailing lists of the MBDAV and keep it under a Data Bank web page on behalf of the JEFF-CG and MBDAV.

This is only a very small appreciation in comparison to the legacy that Prof. Salvatores leaves behind.

He will be deeply missed.




Last modified: 13 May 2020