Co-sponsored meetings and conferences

The conferences and symposia listed below are organised by national or international bodies for which NEA co-sponsorship or co-operation has been granted.


11-16 January 2016 Winter Certificate Course on "Nuclear Energy and Law"
Organiser: Nuclear Law Association
Where: New Delhi, India
9-13 May 2016 14th IRPA International Congress
Organiser: International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)
Where: Cape Town, South Africa
24-30 July 2016 9th International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC2016)
Organiser: International Youth Nuclear Congress
Where: Hangzhou, China
31 July-4 August 2016 ANS Conference on Decommissioning and Remote Systems (D&RS 2016)
Organiser: American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Where: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
11-16 September 2016 International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology (ND2016)
Organiser: European Commission
Where: Bruges, Belgium
24-25 September 2016 Symposium on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident and Law and Policy
Organiser: Hitotsubashi University
Where: Tokyo, Japan
3-6 October 2016 13th International Conference on Radiation Shielding (ICRS-13) and 19th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection & Shielding Division (RPSD-2016)
Organiser: French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
Where: Paris, France
10-12 October 2016 13th Workshop on Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities (SATIF-13)
Organiser: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Where: Dresden, Germany