New senior appointment

Mr Ho NiehMr Ho Nieh has been appointed NEA Head of the Division of Nuclear Safety Regulation and Technology. He took up his duties on 31 August 2015.

In line with the strategic orientations of the Secretary-General in the area of nuclear energy, Mr Nieh will support the NEA Director-General and principal official regarding activities associated with broad areas of nuclear safety regulatory policy, research and international co-operation. Mr Nieh will develop new approaches to enhanced horizontal co-operation within the NEA and with external bodies in order to promote effective nuclear safety around the world.

Mr Nieh has 22 years of experience in nuclear power plant safety regulation and policy. He began his career in operation, maintenance and training at a United States Navy nuclear power plant. Mr Nieh joined the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 1997 as a resident inspector and conducted safety inspections at pressurised water and boiling water reactors. His extensive management experience has included responsibilities for emergency response; licensing and rulemaking; research and test reactor oversight; safety/security interface; operating experience; financial qualification and decommissioning funding; control room operator licensing; and the NRC's Reactor Oversight Process. Mr Nieh also served as the Chief of Staff for an NRC Commissioner. Prior to joining the NEA, Mr Nieh was the Director of the Division of Reactor Projects in the NRC Region 1 office where he was responsible for the resident inspectors assigned to 25 nuclear power plants.

Mr Nieh, a United States national, holds a Bachelor's degree in Marine Engineering from the New York Maritime College. Mr Nieh is a graduate of the United States Naval Nuclear Power School and attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for graduate studies in nuclear engineering. Mr Nieh also holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Johns Hopkins University. As NEA Head of the Division of Nuclear Safety Regulation and Technology, Mr Nieh will have a transition period in anticipation of the retirement of the incumbent, Mr Javier Reig, in February 2016.

Last reviewed: 4 September 2015