Nuclear Energy Agency Online Bulletin

December 2000

International School of Nuclear Law

An International School of Nuclear Law has been established to provide high quality education in the various aspects of this discipline both for law students pursuing their studies at doctoral or masters level and young legal professionals already active in the nuclear sector. The school's first session will take place between 28 August 2001 and 8 September 2001 at the University of Montpellier 1. The school was set up by the University of Montpellier 1 in co-operation with the NEA, and also benefits from the support of the International Nuclear Law Association and the European Commission.

The programme for summer 2001 will include classes on the following subjects: protection against ionising radiation; safety of nuclear installations; radioactive waste management; transport of nuclear materials; physical protection; non-proliferation; trade regulation; third party liability and compensation for nuclear damage; and environmental law. A draft programme will be available shortly on the NEA website at

Potential candidates are encouraged to consult the school's information brochure, available at and to submit an application form (available at along with any supporting documentation to the NEA before 31 March 2001.