Nuclear Energy Agency Online Bulletin

February 2001

Covers new material for January 2000

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The February bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
Nuclear safety
Radiation protection
Radioactive waste management
Data Bank

New publications

The Agency's new publications this month are:

Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes – 2000 Update
ISBN 92-64-18417-1, 78 pages.
Disponible également en français :
Usages bénéfiques et production des isotopes - Mise à jour 2000
ISBN 92-64-28417-6, 90 pages.
NEA News
ISBN 92-64-17573-3, ISSN 1605-9581.
2001 (2 issues), 44 pages.
Disponible également en français :
AEN Infos
ISBN 92-64-27573-8, ISSN 1605-959X.
2001 comportant deux numéros, 44 pages.
Nuclear Power Plant Life Management in a Changing Business World
Workshop Proceedings, Washington DC, USA, 26-27 June 2000
ISBN 92-64-18429-5, 148 pages.
Free publications are available at
Benchmark on the VENUS-2 MOX Core Measurements
ISBN 92-64-18276-4, 192 pages (2,869 kb).

CD-CINDA 2000 Index to Literature and Computer Files on Microscopic Neutron Data

Pressurised Water Reactor Main Steam Line Break (MSLB) Benchmark Volume II: Results of Phase I on Point Kinetics
ISBN 92-64-18280-2, 136 pages (1,771 kb).

Nuclear safety

Nuclear safety news Regular features

Radioactive waste management

The Forum on Stakeholder Confidence (FSC) met on 17-18 January 2001 at NEA headquarters. The FSC is intended to facilitate the sharing of experience in addressing the societal dimension of radioactive waste management, to explore means of ensuring an effective dialogue with the public, and to consider ways to strengthen confidence in decision-making processes. More information is available at 01-02-rwm.html

Radiation protection

The NEA convened a workshop on Better Integration of Radiation Protection in Modern Society, in Villigen, Switzerland, on 23-25 January 2001. More than 70 participants discussed the theory and context of modern radiological risk governance, including the emerging expectations of various stakeholder groups. More information is available at

Data Bank

A training course on the SAMMY code for the analysis of neutron-induced cross sections in the resonance range will be organised at NEA headquarters on 9-13 April, 2001. A detailed course programme is available at

JANIS, a new software for nuclear data visualisation is being developped by the NEA and Aquitaine électronique informatique. More information is available at

Computer program services

A page giving the list of all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at

New software packages available from the Data Bank 3

25-JAN-2001 NEA-1525 PENELOPE2000, Coupled Electron Photon Transp At High Energies (Arrived)

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