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January 2001

Covers new material for December 2000


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The January bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
Nuclear development
Nuclear safety
Nuclear science
Data Bank

New publications

Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 66 + Supplement
ISBN 92-64-17571-7, ISSN 0304-341X
2001 including two issues. Bulletin 110 pages - Supplement 16 pages.

Disponible également en français :
Bulletin de droit nucléaire n° 66 + supplément
ISBN 92-64-27571-1, ISSN 0304-3428
2001 comportant deux numéros. Bulletin 125 pages - Supplément 18 pages.

Free publications are available at

Nuclear Energy in a Sustainable Development Perspective
ISBN 92-64-18278-0, 62 pages (347 kb).

Disponible également en français :
L'énergie nucléaire dans une perspective de développement durable
ISBN 92-64-28278-5, 68 pages (531 ko).

Stakeholder Confidence and Radioactive Waste Disposal
ISBN 92-64-18277-2, 166 pages (692 kb).

3-D Radiation Transport Benchmarks for Simple Geometries with Void Regions
ISBN 92-64-18274-8, 38 pages (383 kb).

Nuclear development

An enhanced version of the yearly publication on nuclear energy data (the 'Brown Book') is being developed with a view to producing in 2002 a more comprehensive and user-friendly publication for analysts and policy makers in the nuclear energy field.

The Nuclear Development Committee is launching a new project on the socio-political aspects of nuclear energy in its 2001-2002 programme of work.

The Sixth Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation (P&T) was held on 11-13 December 2000 in Madrid (Spain). The meeting concluded that P&T concepts and technology have progressed steadily during the past years leading to increased confidence in the feasibility of a 100-fold reduction in the masses and activity of radioactive waste.

For more information on all these developments, see 01-01-ndd.html.

Nuclear safety

Nuclear safety news

Regular features

Nuclear science

The first meeting of the Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) Working Party on Scientific Issues in Partitioning and Transmutation (WPPT) was held in Madrid, Spain on 10 December 2000. The Working Party deals with the status and trends of scientific issues in partitioning and transmutation (P&T), involving accelerators, chemistry, material science, nuclear data and reactor physics. For further information on the Working Party please contact Byung-Chan Na,

Data Bank

The JEFF Working Party on Nuclear Data Evaluation, Processing and Benchmarking held a meeting at NEA headquarters in Paris on 4-6 December 2000. Several expert groups discussed the progress made in the areas of decay data, fission yield data, and nuclear data for fission and fusion applications.

The status of the JEFF-3.T starter file is summarised at and additions to the EFF-2.4 library can be seen at A full release of the EFF library is not planned, but many of the new evaluations with the status of EFF-3.0/1 are being used in the JEFF-3.T starter file.

The latest version of the CINDA searchable CD-ROM, produced by the NEA, will be distributed during January to the recipients of the CINDA book, produced by the IAEA. For those who do not normally receive the book and CD, copies can be ordered from the NEA free of charge by sending an e-mail to

Computer program services

A page giving the list of all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at

New software packages available from the Data Bank

22-DEC-2000 CCC-0594 CALKUX, Exposure Transmission of Med X-ray Beams through Barrier Materials (Arrived)
21-DEC-2000 IAEA1169 EMPIRE-II, Comprehensive nuclear model code, nucleons, ions induced X-secs (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1379 PREPRO2000, Data Preparation & Management,Subsidiary Calc. (ENDF format) (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1322 EVALPLOT2000, ENDF Point X-Sec. & Angular Distribution & Energy Distr. Plots (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1380 ACTIVATE2000, Activation X-Sec. by combining X-Sec. & Multiplier (ENDF fmt) (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1308 DICTION2000, Reaction Index Generated for ENDF formtat (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1307 CONVERT2000, Fortran Program Converter for Different Computers (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1321 COMPLOT2000, Compare ENDF/B Plots of Reaction Data (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1309 FIXUP2000, ENDF Format Redundant Cross-Sections Check (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1310 LEGEND2000, Angular Distribution Table Calculations in ENDF format (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1312 MERGER2000, Merges ENDF/B data by Material Number or Identifier (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1311 LINEAR2000, Linear-Linear Interpolation of ENDF Format Cross-Sections (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA0932 VIRGIN2000, Uncollided N_Flux & N_Reactions from Transmission in ENDF Mat (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1283 SIXPAK2000, ENDF Format Double Diff X-sec. Converter to Single Diff Form (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA0854 SIGMA1-2000, Doppler Broadening ENDF Fmt Lin-Lin. Interpolated_Point X-sec. (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1314 RELABEL2000, Labels Fortran Statements in ENDF Format Processing Programs (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA0848 RECENT2000, Reconstruction of X-sections data from resonance parameters (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA1313 MIXER2000, X-sections Calculations for Mix of  ENDF format Material (Now tested)
11-DEC-2000 IAEA0849 GROUPIE2000, Bondarenko Self-shielded X-sections from ENDF/B (Now tested)
09-DEC-2000 NESC9967 RECOG-ORNL, Pattern Recognition Data Analysis (Now tested)
06-DEC-2000 NEA-1557 IFPE/SUPER-RAMP, Pci Failure Threshold For Pwr And Bwr Fuels (Arrived)

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