Nuclear Energy Agency Online Bulletin

November 2001

Covers new material for October 2001

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The November bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
Nuclear safety
Radiation protection
Nuclear science
Data Bank

New publications

Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators
Workshop Proceedings, Aix-en-Provence, France, 22-24 November 1999
ISBN 92-64-18749-9. 474 pages.

Collective Statement on the Role of Research in a Nuclear Regulatory Context
Déclaration collective sur le rôle de la recherche dans un contexte de réglementation nucléaire

Bilingual, 16 pages (59 kb).

JANIS - A New Java-based Nuclear Data Display Program
CD-ROM. Free on request.

Occupational Exposures at Nuclear Power Plants - Tenth Annual Report of the ISOE Programme, 2000
ISBN 92-64-18473-2. 100 pages (691 kb).

Nuclear safety

As a follow-up to their June 2001 workshop, the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA) and the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) have issued a collective statement on the role of research in a nuclear regulatory context. The full text of the statement is available at

Regular features

Radiation protection

The programme of the Liaison Committee (LC) on Decommissioning has been renewed until 2005. Participants at the LC's 20th meeting in October also agreed on a self-financing package for the project, with Members committing around €140 000 per year. More information about the work of the LC is available here.

Nuclear science

International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Programme

The 2001 edition of the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments is now available. This edition contains 307 evaluations describing 2642 experimental configurations. The associated Database for the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments (DICE) is also available. DICE provides a summary description of each experimental configuration, its main characteristics, and a search facility. Further information, including the online request form, is available at

Seventh Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation

Partitioning and transmutation (P&T) technology is expected, along with geological disposal, to be one of the key technologies for future nuclear waste management. In order to give experts a forum to present and discuss state-of-the-art developments in the P&T field, the NEA has held biennial Information Exchange Meetings on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation since 1990. The seventh meeting in the series will be held in Jeju, Korea on 14-16 October 2002. Further information is available at

Data Bank

Nuclear Data Services

Janis (Java-based nuclear information software) is a new display program designed to facilitate the visualisation and manipulation of nuclear data. Its objective is to allow the nuclear data user to view numerical values and graphical representations without knowing the storage format. It offers maximum flexibility for the comparison of different nuclear data sets. Further information, including the online request form, is available at

The next meeting of the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion (JEFF) Project working parties will take place at NEA headquarters on 19-21 November 2001. The working parties will discuss nuclear data evaluation, measurements, processing and benchmarking. Information on the project and details of the meeting schedule are available at

The Data Bank has now received release number eight of the ENDF/B-VI nuclear data library. Registered users can download the tapes from The tapes will soon be loaded into the EVA database for online search.

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at

New software packages available from the Data Bank:

17-OCT-2001 NEA-1616 ZZ-MCJEF22NEA.BOLIB, MCNP Cross Section Library Based on JEF-2.2 (Now tested)
09-OCT-2001 NEA-1627 BOT3P1.0 2D/3D mesh generator and graphical display of geometry & results for determinsitic transport codes (Now tested)
04-OCT-2001 NEA-1655 ZZ-MCB63NEA.BOLIB, MCNP Cross Section Library Based on ENDF/B-VI Release 3 (Now tested)

Instructions on retrieving material from the NEA may be found at Please note that scientific database access is only available to residents of OECD/NEA Data Bank member countries.

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