Nuclear Energy Agency Online Bulletin

September 2001

Covers new material for July and August 2001

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The September bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
New Deputy Director-General appointed
Facts and figures
Legal affairs
Nuclear safety
Data Bank

New publications

Management of Depleted Uranium
ISBN 92-64-19525-4. 100 pages.

Disponible également en français :
Gestion de l'uranium appauvri
ISBN 92-64-29525-9. 120 pages.

Scenario Development Methods and Practice
ISBN 92-64-18722-7. 240 pages.

Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 67 + Supplement
ISBN 92-64-19109-7, ISSN 0304-341X
2001 including two issues.
Bulletin 82 pages - Supplement 20 pages.

Disponible également en français :
Bulletin de droit nucléaire n° 67 + supplément
ISBN 92-64-29109-1, ISSN 0304-3428.
2001 comportant deux numéros.
Bulletin 86 pages - Supplément 24 pages.

Assuring Future Nuclear Safety Competencies
ISBN 92-64-18462-7. 58 pages (238 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Maintenir à l'avenir les compétences de sûreté nucléaire
ISBN 92-64-28461-1. 68 pages (296 kb).

Boiling Water Reactor Turbine Trip (TT) Benchmark Volume I: Specifications
ISBN 92-64-18470-8. 92 pages (1.3 mb).

NEA Brochure
2001 Edition. 24 pages (590 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Brochure de présentation de l'AEN

24 pages (1.5 mo).

Catalogue of publications

Ms. Carol Kessler appointed Deputy Director-General of the Nuclear Energy Agency

Ms. Carol E. Kessler is the new Deputy Director-General of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), succeeding Mr. Samuel Thompson who has retired. Ms. Kessler took up her duties in the NEA on 1 August. Ms. Kessler has extensive experience in nuclear energy co-operation and in nuclear non-proliferation and defence issues, with first-hand knowledge of international organisations. More information is available at /news/2001/2001-06.html.

Facts and figures

A new web page providing basic nuclear energy facts and figures is now available. The page provides figures on the number of nuclear units connected to the grid in OECD Member countries, nuclear electricity generation and the percentage of the total electricity supply provided by nuclear power. The statistics are drawn from Nuclear Energy Data. The page is available here.

Legal affairs

The first session of the International School of Nuclear Law, recently established within the University of Montpellier 1 in co-operation with the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, opened in Montpellier on 27 August. Over 50 students from 34 countries will be attending lectures and practical seminars taught by world-renowned specialists in the field of nuclear law over a two-week period. More information is available at

Nuclear safety

The proceedings of the CSNI workshop on Severe Accident Management (SAM) and Operator Training and Instrumentation Capabilities [NEA/CSNI/R(2001)7] are now available online.

Regular features

Data Bank

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at Detailed news concerning the computer program service can be accessed at the following URL:

New software packages available from the Data Bank:

23-AUG-2001 PSR-0388 CARES, Seismic Structure Safety Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants (Now tested)
22-AUG-2001 DLC-0210 ZZ-CANDULIB-AECL, Burnup-Dependent ORIGEN-S Cross-Section Libraries for CANDU Reactor Fuels (Arrived)
22-AUG-2001 PSR-0455 MONTEBURNS 1.0: An Automated, Multi-Step Monte Carlo Burnup Code System. (Arrived)
22-AUG-2001 DLC-0212 ZZ POINT2000, Linearly Interpolable ENDF/B-VI.7 data for 8 temperatures (Arrived)
20-AUG-2001 IAEA1389 NRSC, Neutron Resonance Spectrum Calculation system (Arrived)
11-AUG-2001 NEA-1080 FEMAXI, Thermal & Mechanical Behaviour of LWR Fuel Rods (Now tested)
11-AUG-2001 NEA-1620 RODBURN, Power Profiles & Isotopics in PWR, BWR Fuel Rods (Now tested)
11-AUG-2001 NEA-1633 MOSRA-LIGHT, High Speed 3-D x-y-z Nodal Diffusion Code for Vector Computers (Now tested)
11-AUG-2001 NEA-1614 COBRA-EN, Thermal-Hydraulic Transient Analysis of Reactor Cores (Now tested)
02-AUG-2001 CCC-0653 REBUS3/VARIANT8.0, Code System for Analysis of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles. (Arrived)
02-AUG-2001 NEA-1650 ZZ-KAFAX-F22, 80 and 24 groups cross-section library in MATXS format based on JEF-2.2 for fast reactors (Arrived)
02-AUG-2001 NEA-1649 ZZ-KASHIL-E6, 175 n, 42 gamma groups cross sections in MATXS format based on ENDF/B-VI.5 for shielding applications (Arrived)
02-AUG-2001 NEA-1640 ZZ-BWRTT, BWR Turbine Trip Transient Benchmark based on Peach-Bottom 2 (Now tested)
02-AUG-2001 NEA-1651 ZZ-MCLIB-E6, Continuous energy cross section library from ENDF/B-VI.5 for MCNP-4A,-4B, 300K, 600K, 900K (Arrived)
01-AUG-2001 NEA-1642 ZZ-ORLIBJ32, Data Libraries for ORIGEN2 code based on JENDL-3.2 (Arrived)
01-AUG-2001 CSNI1016 THETIS, Single phase cooling, forced and gravity reflood, level swell experiments (Report only)
01-AUG-2001 CSNI1015 ACHILLES, Heat Transfer in PWR Core during LOCA reflood phase (Arrived)
10-JUL-2001 CCC-0649 DIF3D 8.0/VARIANT8.0, 2-D 3-D multigroup diffusion/transport theory nodal & finite difference solver, variational method (Arrived)
06-JUL-2001 DLC-0208 ZZ-ELAST2: Database of Cross Sections for the Elastic Scattering of Electrons and Positrons by Atoms (Arrived)
06-JUL-2001 CCC-0684 NRCDose 2.3.1, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants (Arrived)
06-JUL-2001 DLC-0200 ZZ MCNPDATA, Standard Neutron, Photon & Electron data libraries for MCNP-4C and MCNP4C2 (Arrived)
06-JUL-2001 CCC-0701 MCNP4C2, Coupled Neutron, Electron Gamma 3-D Time-Dependent Monte Carlo Transport Calculations (Arrived)
06-JUL-2001 CCC-0700 MCNP-4C, Coupled Neutron, Electron Gamma 3-D Time-Dependent Monte Carlo Transport Calculations (Arrived

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