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The May bulletin covers the following items:

Nuclear safety
Nuclear science
Data Bank


Nuclear safety

Steam Explosion Resolution for Nuclear Accidents (SERENA programme)

The SERENA programme, sponsored by the CSNI Working Group on Analysis and Management of Accidents (GAMA), held its first meeting at the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), Fontenay-aux-Roses, France on 15-17 April 2002. The SERENA programme aims to promote international technical consensus on the understanding of fuel-coolant interaction (FCI) processes and energetics, and to standardise the methods for reliably estimating the core loadings under realistic reactor conditions. More information is available here.

Regular features

Nuclear science

The sixth workshop on the shielding of accelerators, targets and irradiation facilities (SATIF-6) was hosted by the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Menlo Park, California, USA on 10-12 April 2002. Discussions centered on identifying the areas that require further theoretical model development, experimental work and benchmarking for model validation. The results of these discussions, along with the technical presentations made during six topical sessions, will be published by the end of 2002. More information is available at

Three subgroups of the Working Party on Scientific Issues in Partitioning and Transmutation (WPPT) met at NEA headquarters on 22-26 April 2002. The subgroups on fuels and materials, physics and safety of transmutation systems, and pyrochemistry met in both individual and joint sessions. All three sub-groups are preparing state-of-the-art reports on their particular areas of speciality. The physics and safety of transmutation systems subgroup is also carrying out two benchmarks. More information is available at

Data Bank

Nuclear data services

The NEA has received a limited number of copies of the Japanese Nuclear Data Committee's Progress Report for January 2001 to December 2001 inclusive (Report No. INDC(JPN)-189/U). This document includes all requested reports submitted to the committee during this period. To request a free copy, please contact Mark Kellett ( at the NEA Secretariat, providing your full name and postal address.

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at Detailed news concerning the computer program service is available at:

New software packages available from the Data Bank

22-APR-2002 CCC-0547 DANTSYS, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Multigroup Discrete_Ordinates_Methods for Radiation Transport (Now tested)
19-APR-2002 CCC-0704 SLIDERULE 1.0, Nuclear Criticality Slide Rule. (Arrived)
19-APR-2002 CCC-0553 RASCAL, Radiological doses from accidental release to atmosphere (Arrived)
18-APR-2002 CCC-0638 TART2000, Coupled N-Photon, 3-D, Combinatorial Geometry, Time Dependent, Monte Carlo Transport Code Sys (Arrived)
18-APR-2002 CCC-0684 NRCDose 2.3.2, Evaluation of Routine Radioactive Effluents from Nuclear Power Plants (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 DLC-0045 ZZ SENPRO/45C, multigroup sensitivity library for fast reactors, thermal reactors (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 PSR-0226 PRECO-D2, pre-equilibrium & direct reaction double differential x-sec (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 PSR-0137 MARLOWE 15: Computer Simulation of Atomic Collisions in Crystalline Solids. (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 CCC-0365 IODES, Calculating the Estimation of Dose to the World Population from Releases of Iodine-129 to the Environment. (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 PSR-0516 PARET-ANL, Code System to Predict Consequences of Nondestructive Accidents in Research and Test Reactor Cores (Arrived)
16-APR-2002 PSR-0500 MCNP-VISED 4C2, Visual Editor for Creating MCNP4C2 Input Files. (Arrived)
02-APR-2002 NEA-1645 IFPE/EFE-RO, Experimental Fuel Elements RO89 and RO51 in TRIGA 14 MW reactor (INR-Pitesti) (Arrived)

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