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Covers new material for November 2002

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The November bulletin covers the following items:

New publications
Nuclear safety
Radiation protection
Nuclear science
Data Bank

New publications

The Handling of Timescales in Assessing Post-closure Safety of Deep Geological Repositories
Workshop Proceedings, Paris, France, 16-18 April 2002
226 pages.

Physics of Plutonium Recycling
Volume VI: Multiple Plutonium Recycling in Advanced PWRs
160 pages.

Pressurised Water Reactor Main Steam Line Break (MSLB) Benchmark
Volume III: Results of Phase II on 3-D Core Boundary Conditions Modelling
ISBN 92-64-184-9563. 172 pages (1.6 mb).

Society and Nuclear Energy: Towards a Better Understanding
ISBN 92-64-18494-5. 128 pages (591 kb).

Nuclear safety

A joint International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)/NEA technical meeting on the use of computational fluid dynamics codes for safety analysis of reactor systems (including containment) was held in Pisa, Italy on 11-13 November 2002. More information is available at:

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Forthcoming workshops and seminars

Radiation protection

The International System on Occupational Exposure (ISOE) held its annual meeting at NEA headquarters on 29-31 October 2002. The ISOE programme now includes 450 reactors (in operation and shut down) operated by 72 utilities in 27 countries. During the meeting the final version of the software used to manage the programme's extensive occupational exposure and good radiation protection practice databases was approved for use. During the coming year work will focus on data analysis and on contributing operational radiation protection expertise to the International Commission on Radiological Protection recommendations, which are currently being revised.

The NEA Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters discussed its programme of work during its annual meeting at NEA headquarters on 12-13 November 2002. This included discussion of the group's report on the INEX 2000 exercise, which took place in May 2001 and was assessed at a workshop in January 2002. The group also developed final, specific proposals for the INEX 3 exercise. These proposals will be presented to the Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) for approval during its March 2003 meeting. The INEX 3 exercise will be implemented in the 2004-2005 timeframe.

Nuclear science

A workshop on research and development needs for current and future nuclear systems was held at OECD headquarters on 6-8 November 2002. Presentations at the meeting included recent studies on future nuclear systems, including fourth-generation reactors and accelerator-driven systems, as well as ongoing NSC activities in the area. After the presentations, participants split into three working groups to discuss and make recommendations in the following areas: nuclear data, reactor physics and system behaviour, fuels, materials, coolants and chemistry. The draft recommendations are being reviewed by an ad-hoc expert group on R&D needs in nuclear science for later transmission to the Nuclear Science Committee. A draft final report will be presented to the NSC in June 2003.

Data Bank

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at:

  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1210 ZZ HATCHES-15, Database for Radio Chemical Modelling (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1459 GALIST, Decay Gamma Spectra Retrieval from ENSDF (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 CCC-0474 MORSE-CGA, Monte-Carlo Neutron and Gamma MultiGroup Transport with Array Geometry (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1271 OMICRON, LLNL ENDL Charged Particle Data Library Processing (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1449 ROLAIDS-CPM, 1-D Slowing-Down by Collision Problems Method (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1653 NMTC/JAM, Simulates High Energy Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear-Meson Transport Processes (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-0974 NMTC/JAERI97, High-Energy P, N, Pion Reaction Monte-Carlo Simulation (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-1185 ZZ SCALE-LIB, Neutron-Group Constants Library from JEF-1 Using NPTXS, XLACS, XLACS-2 Programs (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 NEA-0866 BTPLOT BTSPEC EXSPEC ORDTAB TABLST, Retrieval of ENDF/B Decay Spectra (Now tested)
  25-NOV-2002 DLC-0077 ZZ COVERV, Multigroup Cross-Section Covariance Matrices in COVERX Format (Now tested)
  21-NOV-2002 IAEA1222 HAMCIND, Cell Burnup with Fission Products Poisoning (Now tested)
  21-NOV-2002 IAEA1190 BRETISLAV,OLDRICH, Neutron Diffusion in Hexagonal Geometry for WWER Critical Fuel Assemblies (Now tested)
  20-NOV-2002 NEA-1561 CHEMENGL/CHIMISTE, Chemical and Physical Properties of Elements (Arrived)
  20-NOV-2002 IAEA1169 EMPIRE-II, Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections (Arrived)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1208 CHECKR, ENDF/B Format Check (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1209 FIZCON, ENDF/B Cross-Sections Redundancy Check (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1210 GETMAT, ENDF/B Material Retrieval (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1212 INTER, ENDF/B Thermal Cross-Sections, Resonance Integrals, G-Factors Calculation (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1217 SETMDC: Preprocessor for CHECKR, FIZCON, INTER, etc. ENDF Utility source codes (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1218 STANEF, ENDF/B Book-keeping Operations for ENDF Format Files (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1216 PSYCHE, ENDF/B Data Consistency Check in ENDF Format (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1215 PLOTEF, ENDF/B Data Plot (Now tested)
  19-NOV-2002 USCD1214 LISTEF, ENDF/B Data File Summary List (Now tested)
  13-NOV-2002 NEA-1684 IFPE/IFA-534.14, fission gas release as a function of burnup at high power (52-55 MWd/kg) (Arrived)
  13-NOV-2002 NEA-1685 IFPE/IFA-597.3, centre-line temperature, fission gas release and clad elongation at high burn-up (60-62 MWd/kg) (Arrived)
  13-NOV-2002 NEA-1678 BOT3P3.0, 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results (Now tested)
  06-NOV-2002 NESC0983 EGUN, Charged Particle Trajectories in Electromagnetic Focusing System (Now tested)
  05-NOV-2002 NEA-1640 ZZ-BWRTT, BWR Turbine Trip Transient Benchmark Based on Peach-Bottom 2 (Arrived)
  05-NOV-2002 ESTS0663 CFDLIB99.2*, Computational Fluid Dynamics Library (Arrived)

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