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New publications

NEA News (spring | autumn)
Two issues from 2003

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AEN Infos (printemps | automne)
Deux numéros de 2003

Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 70 + Supplement
ISSN 0304-341X. Two issues from and their supplements from 2003.

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Bulletin de droit nucléaire n° 70 + supplément
ISSN 0304-3428. Deux numéros et leurs suppléments de 2003.

Radiological Protection of the Environment: The Path Forward to a New Policy?
Workshop Proceedings, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, 12-14 February 2002
ISBN 92-64-09969-7.

Chernobyl: Assessment of Radiological and Health Impacts
2002 Update of Chernobyl: Ten Years On
ISBN 92-64-18487-2. 160 pages.

Table of contents (HTML format); single file download (pdf format, 996 kb).

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Tchernobyl : Evaluation des incidences radiologiques et sanitaires
Mise à jour 2002 de Tchernobyl : Dix ans déjà
ISBN 92-64-28487-7. 176 pages.
Table des matières (format HTML) ; télécharger le document complet (pdf, 995 ko).

Radiological Protection of the Environment
Summary Report of the Issues
ISBN 92-64-18497-X. 36 pages (183 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Protection radiologique de l'environnement
Rapport de synthèse des questions-clés
ISBN 92-64-28497-4. 36 pages (225 ko).

Society and Nuclear Energy: Towards a Better Understanding
ISBN 92-64-18494-5. 128 pages (591 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Société et énergie nucléaire : vers une meilleure compréhension
ISBN 92-64-28494-X. 136 pages (765 ko).

VVER-1000 Coolant Transient Benchmark - Phase 1 (V1000CT-1)
Volume I: Main Coolant Pump (MCP) Switching On - Final Specifications
ISBN 92-64-18496-1. 172 pages (2.6 mb).

The Way Forward in Radiological Protection
An Expert Group Report
ISBN 92-64-18489-9. 48 pages (207 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Vers un nouveau système de protection radiologique
Rapport d'un groupe d'experts
ISBN 92-64-28489-3. 46 pages (278 ko).


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Radiation protection

The 2003 International Information System on Occupational Exposure ALARA Symposium took place in Orlando, Florida, USA on 12-15 January 2003. The symposium provided a global forum for the exchange of ideas and management approaches to maintaining occupational radiation exposures "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA). A feature of the 2003 symposium was a special session on radiological work management practices that have achieved shorter refueling outages and occupational dose reduction. Effective methods for planning, scheduling, training and managing refueling and service outages were also highlighted. The complete proceedings of the symposium are currently in preparation. More information on the ISOE is available at

The NEA has been active in seeking ways to improve the existing system of radiological protection, as set out in the recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). Its latest work in this area is an analysis of new draft ICRP recommendations for their possible implications on the regulation and application of radiological protection. The Expert Group on the Implications of ICRP Recommendations (EGIR) held its second and final meeting in January, and will present its results to the NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health (CRPPH) for review and comment before their presentation at the NEA-ICRP Forum in April 2003. The associated EGIR report will also be published and submitted to the ICRP and the international community for consideration. More information on the EGIR is available at

Data Bank

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at:

  28-JAN-2003 NEA-0969 EDMULT 6.4, Electron Depth Dose Distribution in Multilayer Slab Absorbers (Arrived)
  27-JAN-2003 NEA-1595 IFPE/CONTACT REV.1, PWR Fuel Performance Tests Siloe Reactor (Arrived)
  27-JAN-2003 NEA-1622 IFPE/OSIRIS R2, 4 PWR Rods Irradiated in the CEA Osiris Reactor (Arrived)
  22-JAN-2003 NEA-1553 SINBAD FUSION, Neutronics Benchmark Experiments (Now tested)
  21-JAN-2003 NEA-1564 EASY, European Neutron Activation System (Arrived)
  23-DEC-2002 NEA-1510 IFPE/HBEP REV.1, Battelle's High Burn-Up Effects Programme for Fuel Performance (Arrived)
  23-DEC-2002 NEA-1310 IFPE/SOFIT, WWER-440 Fuel Thermal Performance and Fission Gas Release (Arrived)
  19-DEC-2002 NEA-1688 SACALC, Calculates the average solid angle for source-detector geometries (Arrived)
  18-DEC-2002 NEA-1603 DCHAIN-SP 2001, Code System for Analyzing Decay and Build-up Characteristics of Spallation Products (Arrived)
  16-DEC-2002 NEA-1679 PVIS-4, Pressure vessel irradiation, source preparation (Arrived)
  16-DEC-2002 NEA-1406 TOPICS-B, Neutron and Gamma Cross-Sections Library Handling in FIDO Format (Arrived)
  16-DEC-2002 NEA-0919 SRIM-2003, Stopping Power and Range of Ions in Matter (Arrived)
  16-DEC-2002 NEA-1687 IRPHE/B&W-SS-LATTICE, Spectral Shift Reactor Lattice Experiments (Arrived)

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