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New publications

L'énergie nucléaire aujourd'hui
L'énergie nucléaire aujourd'hui
ISBN 92-64-10329-5. 118 pages.

Also published in English.

Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation
Seventh Information Exchange Meeting, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 14-16 October 2002
ISBN 92-64-02125-6. 176 pages + CD-ROM (3.3 mb).

Short-term Countermeasures in Case of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
ISBN 92-64-02140-X. 111 pages (485 kb).

Egalement disponible en français :
Contre-mesures à court-terme en cas d'urgence nucléaire ou radiologique
ISBN 92-64-02141-8. 114 pages (660 ko).

Nuclear safety

A workshop on the regulatory uses of nuclear power plant safety performance indicators (SPI) will be held in Granada, Spain on 12-14 May 2004. While the principal aim of the workshop is to share good practices amongst regulators, other interest groups are also welcome to participate.

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Radiation protection

Plans for the next generation of international nuclear emergency exercises, INEX 3, are now well advanced. Earlier INEX series focused primarily on the pre-release, release and short-term post-release phase of a nuclear emergency. The INEX 3 series will address the decision-making processes employed after serious radiation contamination has taken place. These will be examined through a set of table-top exercises, due to begin by winter 2004, based on a generic "footprint" radiation contamination pattern. Participating countries will use this footprint to examine how they might, following such contamination, implement agricultural countermeasures, apply food restrictions and adopt "soft" countermeasures such as travel, trade and tourism controls. More information is available at:

Nuclear science

The third Information Exchange Meeting on Basic Studies in the Field of High-temperature Engineering was held at the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) Oarai site in Ibaraki-ken, Japan on 11-12 September 2003. The meeting reviewed international research activities in this area, especially material behaviour under a combination of irradiation and high temperatures. The detailed meeting agenda is available at: The proceedings of the meeting will be published shortly.

Legal affairs

The third session of the International School of Nuclear Law (ISNL), a programme jointly organised by the NEA and the University of Montpellier 1, took place in Montpellier, France on 25 August-5 September 2003. More information is available at:

Data Bank

Nuclear data

The NEA has received copies of the 2002 JAERI Symposium on Nuclear Data proceedings (JAERI-Conf-2003-006) and the Progress Report on Nuclear Data Research in the Federal Republic of Germany (INDC(GER)-049), which covers the period 1 April 2002-31 March 2003. To request a free copy of either publication, please contact Carrol Morris ( at the NEA Secretariat, including your full name and postal address.

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at:

  18-SEP-2003 NEA-1708 ADEFTA 1.0, Atomic Densities for Transport Analysis (Arrived)
  17-SEP-2003 IAEA1405 CHAINFINDER 2.16, Search for transmutation chains under neutron irradiation (Now tested)
  16-SEP-2003 IAEA1384 NKE 2.16, Nuclide Explorer tool for retrieving interactively detailed data on radionuclides properties (Arrived)
  16-SEP-2003 IAEA1404 CHAINSOLVER 2.20, Transmutation simulation of samples during irradiation in nuclear reactors (Now tested)
  16-SEP-2003 IAEA1169 EMPIRE-II, Comprehensive Nuclear Model Code, Nucleons, Ions Induced Cross-Sections (Now tested)
  10-SEP-2003 NEA-1694 SATIF/CYCLO-RADSAFE, Health Physics and Radiological Safety of Cyclotrons 10-250 MeV (Arrived)
  08-SEP-2003 NEA-1424 ZZ FSXLIBJ33, MCNP nuclear data library based on JENDL-3.3 (Arrived)
  08-SEP-2003 NEA-1707 ZZ-MATXSLIBJ33, JENDL-3.3 based, 175 N-42 photon groups (VITAMIN-J) MATXS library for discrete ordinates multi-group (Arrived)
  04-SEP-2003 NEA-1627 BOT3P2.0 2D/3D, Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry and Results for Deterministic Transport Codes (Now tested)
  04-SEP-2003 NEA-1678 BOT3P3.0, 3D Mesh Generator and Graphical Display of Geometry for Radiation Transport Codes, Display of Results (Now tested)
  02-SEP-2003 PSR-0242 SABRINA, Geometry Plot Program for MCNP (Now tested)

Instructions on retrieving material from the NEA may be found at Please note that scientific database access is only available to residents of OECD/NEA Data Bank member countries.

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