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New publications

Regulatory Challenges in Using Nuclear Operational Experience
ISBN 92-64-01083-1. 23 pages (81 kb).

This report focuses on how regulatory bodies can ensure that operating experience is used effectively to promote the safety of nuclear power plants. While directed at nuclear power plants, the principles in this report may apply to other nuclear facilities as well.

Learning and Adapting to Societal Requirements for Radioactive Waste Management
Key Findings and Experience of the Forum on Stakeholder Confidence
ISBN 92-64-02080-2. 71 pages (378 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Comprendre les attentes de la société dans la gestion des déchets radioactifs et s'y adapter
Enseignements principaux et expériences du Forum sur la confiance des parties prenantes
ISBN 92-64-01080-7. 68 pages (267 ko).

Physics and Safety of Transmutation Systems
A Status Report
ISBN 92-64-01082-3. 120 pages (1.3 mb).

The Process of Regulatory Authorisation
A Report by the CRPPH Expert Group on the Regulatory Application of Authorisation (EGRA)
ISBN 92-64-01078-5. 84 pages (723 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Le processus de l'autorisation réglementaire
Rapport du Groupe d'experts du CRPPH sur l'application réglementaire de l'autorisation (EGRA)
ISBN 92-64-01079-3. 88 pages (758 komo).

Nuclear safety

A specialist meeting on seismic probabilistic safety assessment of nuclear facilities will be held on 6-8 November 2006 on Jeju Island, Korea. The aim of this meeting is to review recent advances in the methodology of seismic probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) and seismic margin analysis (SMA). From this analysis it is hoped to develop new recommendations for future work in this field as well as identifying opportunities for the use of PSA and SMA at nuclear installations. More information is available at

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Radiological protection

The Third International Nuclear Emergency Exercise, INEX-3, will be completed in April 2006. The INEX 3 series addresses the decision-making processes employed after serious radiation contamination has taken place and the issues suc

h an event raises in the medium to longer term. A workshop to evaluate the INEX 3 consequence management exercises will be held on 30 May-1 June 2006 in Paris, France.  More information is available at

Data Bank

Computer program services

A page listing all new programs in the last 12 months can be found at: .

23-FEB-2006 NEA-1601 GARDEC, Estimation of dose rate reduction by garden decontamination
23-FEB-2006 NEA-1628 SUSD3D, 1-, 2-, 3-dimensional cross-section sensitivity and uncertainty code
09-FEB-2006 NEA-1080 FEMAXI-6, Thermal and mechanical behaviour of LWR fuel rods
RODBURN, Power profiles and isotopics in PWR and BWR fuel rods
01-FEB-2006 NEA-1759 IRPhE/BERENICE, effective delayed neutron fraction measurements

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