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NEA publications

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PENELOPE-2008: A Code System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport
ISBN 978-92-64-99066-1. 336 pages (4.6 Mb).

CSNI Technical Opinion Papers - No. 11
Better Nuclear Plant Maintenance: Improving Human and Organisational Performance
ISBN 978-92-64-99065-4. 28 pages (128 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Avis techniques du CSIN - n° 11
Améliorer la maintenance des centrales nucléaires en optimisant les performances humaines et organisationnelles
ISBN 978-92-64-99071-5. 32 pages (162 kb).

Nuclear safety and regulation

RWM publications and reportsThe new technical opinion paper of the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) on Better Nuclear Plant Maintenance: Improving Human and Organisational Performance (see details above) has just been published. It represents the consensus of human and organisational factor (HOF) specialists in NEA member countries on commendable practices and approaches to incorporating a suitable treatment of HOF when managing, assessing and regulating maintenance programmes in nuclear facilities.

Nuclear development

Nuclear science publications and reportsFollowing the considerable interest generated by the publication of the NEA's first-ever Nuclear Energy Outlook, which includes the NEA's own projections on what new nuclear capacity might be brought onto the world's grids by 2020, 2030 and 2050, the NEA was this month invited by the European Commission to give a presentation in the context of its work for the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF). The NEA also engaged in discussions with the group's members on the underlying modelling assumptions and how they compare to those of other organisations, with the aim of assisting interested countries in defining their nuclear energy policies.

Nuclear science

Legal section publications and reportsThe Working Party on Scientific Issues of the Fuel Cycle (WPFC) met on 25 February at the NEA to review progress in subsidiary expert groups and task forces. A report on scientific issues related to possible transition scenarios from current to future advanced reactor fuel cycles was recently issued. A subsequent report, based on a study of a regional European fuel cycle transition scenario is being finalised for publication. A proposal to establish a database of minor actinide bearing nuclear fuels was also discussed. The Working Party decided that the 11th NEA Information Exchange Meeting on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation would be held on
1-5 November 2010 in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Data Bank

NEA Data Bank newsletter

Computer program services

New computer programs available

18-FEB-2009 NEA-1778 IFPE/IFA-514/565, LWR MOX Fuel Irradiation Tests - HBWR Irradiation with the Instrument Rig, IFA-514/565 (JAEA) 6 rods
11-FEB-2009 CSNI2012 TMI-VIP, Three Mile Island Reactor Pressure Vessel investigation OECD/NEA Project
(Report only)
11-FEB-2009 NEA-1552 SINBAD ACCELERATOR, Shielding Benchmark Experiments
10-FEB-2009 NEA-1517 SINBAD REACTOR, Shielding Benchmark Experiments.
(Report only)
05-FEB-2009 CSNI2001 PKL-1, Experimental data on boron dilution and loss of residual heat removal in mid-loop operation (during shutdown)
04-FEB-2009 CSNI2010 MASCA-2, In-vessel phenomena during severe accidents
03-FEB-2009 CSNI2002 SETH/PANDA, Three-dimensional gas flow distributions relevant to in-reactor containments under accidents conditions
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1818 ZZ KASHIL-E70, 199 N, 42 Photon Groups Cross Sections in MATXS Format Based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Shielding Applications
(Now tested)
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1817 ZZ KAFAX-J33, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on JENDL-3.3 for Fast Reactors
(Now tested)
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1816 ZZ KAFAX-F31, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on JEFF-3.1 for Fast Reactors
(Now tested)
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1815 ZZ KAFAX-E70, 150 and 12 Groups Cross Section Library in MATXS Format based on ENDF/B-VII.0 for Fast Reactors
(Now tested)
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1278 CALENDF-2005, Pointwise, Multigroup Neutron Cross-Sections and Probability Tables from ENDF/B Evaluations
(Now tested)
02-FEB-2009 NEA-1564 EASY-2005.1, European Neutron Activation System
(Now tested)

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