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Generation IV International Forum
Radioactive waste management
Data Bank

NEA publications

Considering Timescales in the Post-closure Safety of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste
ISBN 978-92-64-06058-6. 160 pages.

Natural Tracer Profiles Across Argillaceous Formations: The CLAYTRAC Project
ISBN 978-92-64-06047-0. 364 pages.

Stability and Buffering Capacity of the Geosphere for Long-term Isolation of Radioactive Waste: Application to Crystalline Rock
ISBN 978-92-64-06056-2. 304 pages.

Strategic and Policy Issues Raised by the Transition from Thermal to Fast Nuclear Systems
ISBN 978-92-64-06064-7. 84 pages.

Improving Nuclear Regulation
Compilation of NEA Regulatory Guidance Booklets
ISBN 978-92-64-99075-3. 208 pages (1.6 Mb).

Summary Report of the CRPPH 50th Anniversary Conference
ISBN 978-92-64-99078-4. 48 pages (814 kb).

Disponible également en français :
Rapport de synthèse sur la conférence du 50e anniversaire du CRPPH
ISBN 978-92-64-99079-1. 48 pages (842 kb).

The NEA Contribution to the Evolution of the International System of Radiological Protection
ISBN 978-92-64-99080-7. 122 pages (2 Mb).

Disponible également en français :
La contribution de l'AEN à l'évolution du système international de protection radiologique
ISBN 978-92-64-99081-4. 128 pages (1,5 Mb).

The Regulatory Goal of Assuring Nuclear Safety (Russian version)
Оригинальное издание OECD на английском языке
ISBN 978-92-64-99044-9. 56 pages (547 kb).

Generation IV International Forum (GIF)

The NEA serves as Technical Secretariat to the GIF, which has this month published its 2008 Annual Report. This second annual report issued by the GIF provides an update on the GIF organisation, membership and participation in R&D projects for each Generation IV system. It summarises the development milestones for each system and the R&D progress towards their realisation. It also includes a brief description of co-operation between the GIF and other international endeavours for the development of nuclear energy.

The full report can be downloaded using this link.

Radioactive waste management

RWM publications and reportsThe 42nd session of the NEA Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) took place in Paris on 25-27 March 2009. The topical session included a discussion on qualified human resources and led to a decision to elaborate on the specificities and profile of professions in radioactive waste management. The Committee also agreed on a vision and strategic reference for its role and activities concerning knowledge consolidation and transfer (KCT).

Current R&D needs of regulatory organisations were discussed by the RWMC regulators, who also met separately on 24 March.

The Committee welcomed the offer by the Government of Japan to host the fourth international conference on geological repositories for radioactive waste. The conference aims to take stock of worldwide political and strategic developments in the field of geological disposal of radioactive waste, to exchange views and to engage in dialogue aimed at clarifying the issues and, in this way, to assist national representatives in finding and refining social and political ways forward that are most appropriate to their own particular national conditions. The conference, which is being organised in co-operation with th International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is scheduled to take place in Japan in 2011 and will bring together high-level governmental and regulatory decision makers.

Data Bank

The Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File (JEFF) 3.1.1 library, an updated version of the incident neutron file and the fission yields libraries, has been completed. It can be found at this link. Improvements to this latest version of the JEFF3.1.1 General Purpose Library are particularly noteworthy as they pertain to light water reactor applications and the associated fuel cycle. The documentation associated with this library has been published in draft form as the JEFF 22 report. A processed version of the library is also available in various formats for a wide range of applications.

The NEA will collaborate with the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique (CEA) in the organisation of the 2nd International Workshop on Nuclear Data Evaluation for Reactor Applications, WONDER 2009, to be held in Cadarache, France from 29 September to 2 October 2009. Further information is available here.

The NEA, in association with the IAEA, is co-organising a technical meeting on Specific Applications of Research Reactors: Provision of Nuclear Data, to be held in Vienna, Austria on 12-16 October 2009. More details regarding the meeting can be found here.

NEA Data Bank newsletter

Computer program services

New computer programs available

30-MAR-2009 NEA-1660 IRPHE-SNEAK, KFK SNEAK Fast Reactor Experiments, Primary Documentation
26-MAR-2009 NEA-1845 MURE, MCNP Utility for Reactor Evolution: couples Monte-Carlo transport with fuel burnup calculations
12-MAR-2009 NEA-1844 JDL-THERMODYNAMICS, Thermodynamics: Frontiers and Foundations
12-MAR-2009 NEA-1843 JDL-REACTOR-KINETICS, Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control
12-MAR-2009 NEA-1811 JDL-IMPORTANCE, Adjoint Function: Physical Basis of Variational & Perturbation Theory in Transport & Diffusion Problems
11-MAR-2009 CCC-0750 SCALE 6, Modular system for criticality, shielding, source term, fuel depletion/decay, inventories, reactor physics
04-MAR-2009 PSR-0534 PUFF-IV 6.1.0, Code System to Generate Multigroup Covariance Matrices from ENDF/B-VI Uncertainty Files

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