Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA)

Working Group on Safety Culture (WGSC)

The CNRA believes in the importance of having a working group dedicated to safety culture. The Working Group on Safety Culture (WGSC) provides a senior level regulatory forum for exchanging information and experiences and engages in work to ensure that the safety culture of the regulatory body and wider interconnected system have a positive impact on safety.

The WGSC focuses on practical steps that can be taken regarding issues such as the effective implementation of the characteristics and culture of an effective regulatory body as well as other matters regarding safety culture. It will do so by considering behaviours, perceptions and attitudes that make up the culture of the regulatory body within national, historical and geographical contexts. This group will also consider the effects caused by the interactions of the regulatory body in terms of what regulatory programmes, approaches and capabilities might be required to encourage enhanced safety culture in licensee organisations. In short, WGSC activities will focus on:

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Last reviewed: 22 November 2017