Compute natural element cross section

Some natural elements are not easily comparable as they are sometimes not present as such in a given evaluation. For example, Silicon is given only as Natural in JEF-2.2 and its isotopes are given in JEFF-3.1.1.

To compare total cross-section of SiNat in JEF-2.2 versus that of JEFF-3.1.1 you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Open the nuclide chart of Nubase 2003 to retrieve the abundances of Si-28, Si-29 and Si-30.

    NUBASE Chart of Nuclides
  2. Perform an ENDF search with the following parameters:

    ENDF Search dialog
  3. “Open results” in a new Renderer window.

  4. In the menu bar select “Tools > Computations...”.

  5. Enter the following equation: (<Si28>*92.2297+<Si29>*4.6832+<Si30>*3.0872)/100.0

    NB: you should not type "<Si28>" but rather double click on "Si28 / MT=1 : (n,total) / Cross section" in the tree. All operands should be enetred this way, only parentheses, operators, numbers should be typed. So type "(" then double click on Si28 node in the tree and continue to type "*92.2297", etc...

    Computation dialog
  6. You can then plot the JEFF-3.1.1 computed cross-section and the JEF-2.2 one.


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Last modified:13 April 2018