How to connect to the DVD local database after having used the Web Start version

Problem: I do not have 'Local' database in the lower-left pane of main window, I only have 'NEA', the NEA remote database

Workaround: Delete the JANIS settings file which is located in your 'home folder'


JANIS uses a file to store its settings, these settings are all the preferences you can set in the software (like plots font and colors, but also previous locations of windows on screen…) but also the list of database connections you have established, or which were provided by installing the software.

If you use the Web Start version of JANIS then this settings file will only contain information to connect to the NEA remote database.

If you have never used the Web Start version and use the DVD then this settings file will contain information to connect either to the NEA remote database or to the DVD provided database.

Now if you start by using the Web Start version and later install the DVD, then the settings file created by your first use of the Web Start version won't be overwritten when you will launch the DVD version. You will have only the NEA remote database available in the lower-left pane of the main window.

An easy way to correct this situation is to delete or rename the JANIS settings file: for version 3.2 this file is named janis_636_settings.txt and is located in your 'home folder'.

Here are common locations of this folder under different operating systems:

Windows 2000, XP C:\Documents and Settings\<your login>
Windows Vista, 7 C:\Users\<your login>
Mac OS X /Users/<your login>
Unix system (Linux…) /home/<your login>

Note: do not delete or rename the JANIS settings file while the software is running or your action won't have any effect: when you launch JANIS this file content is loaded in memory and then regularly rewritten on your hard drive, in particular when you close the software.

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Last modified:13 April 2018