Out Of Memory errors

OutOfMemory errors are usually reported by this kind of error dialog:

But this may not always be the case as displaying the error dialog needs a little memory. Java programs need to specify the maximum memory they can use. With a standard Sun JRE this setting must be set by command line (or in the BAT or SH file). To increase the memory limit used by JANIS the following option is set in the janis.bat file (or janis.sh for Linux):

start javaw -Xms100M -Xmx512M -jar Janis.jar

The option -Xmx512M specifies that JANIS will take at most 512 Mbytes of memory. In case you have much more physical memory (e.g. 4 GBytes...) you can edit this command line and replace the option -Xmx512M with -Xmx1024M or any other value. For example to allow JANIS to use at most 1024 Mbytes of memory the janis.bat file should be:

start javaw -Xms100M -Xmx1024M -jar Janis.jar

You can check the maximum memory that JANIS can use in the About box:

The bottom part shows that:

You can also control the memory used by JANIS with the little tool found in Browser File menu:

This graph shows the current memory usage and the current limit which can grow up to the maximum value specified by the -Xmx option. The OutOfMemory situation occurs when the graph reaches the top.

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Last modified:13 April 2018