Nuclear Law Bulletin No. 76

Complete issue


International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism by Odette Jankowitsch-Prevor

The International Regime on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material by Lourdes Vez Carmona


Law on the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy: Key Concepts by Diane de Pompignan

Case law


Proceedings before the Federal Criminal Court of First Instance Concerning Environmental Radiological Contamination near the Ezeiza Centre (2005)


Federal Court of Appeal Decision Respecting the McClean Lake Project (2005)


Judgement of the Court of Appeal on Caen on the Licence to Reprocess Australian Spent Nuclear Fuel (2005)

Judgement of the Magistrates' Court of Limoges Concerning Dumping of Radioactive Waste by Cogema (2005)


Judgement of the Japanese Supreme Court Confirming the Validity of the Licence to Establish the Monju Reactor (2005)

National legislative and regulatory activities


Decree on Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2005)

Decree on Radioactive Waste Management (2005)

Decree on Food Irradiation (2005)


Government Decree Regulating the Licensing Procedure for Use of Ionising Generators, Radioactive Materials and Equipment Containing Radioactive Materials (2004)


Act Amending the 1994 Act on Protection of the Public and the Environment Against Radiation and Relating to the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (2005)


Decree on the National Defence Policy Including the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (2005)


Nuclear Liability Bill (2005)


Order on Professional Activities Using Raw Materials Containing Natural Radionuclides not Used for Their Radioactive Properties (2005)

Decree on Radiological Emergency Situations, Replacing Certain Provisions of the Public Health Code (2005)

Interministerial Order on the Application of the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and on the EU Council Decision on Community Arrangements for the Early Exchange of Information in the Event of a Radiological Emergency (2005)

Order on the Organisation of a National Network to Measure Radioactivity in the Environment and on Criteria for the Certification of Laboratories (2005)


Act on the Control of High-activity Sources (2005)

Ordinance on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (2005)

Ordinance on Establishing a Prohibition to Alter the Conditions of the Subsoil Within the Gorleben Salt Formation (2005)


Decree on the Procedures of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority in Nuclear Safety Regulatory Matters (2005)


Amendment to the Pharmacists' Regulations (Radioactive Elements and Their Products) (2005)

Import and Export Order (Control of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Exports) (2004)


Act on Physical Protection and Radiological Emergency (2004)


Regulation on Ionising Radiation Dose Limits (2005)

Regulation on Positions for Ensuring Nuclear Safety and Radiological Protection and on Radiological Protection Inspectors (2005)


Decree-Law Setting up the Independent Commission for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (2005)

Decree-Law Establishing the Environmental Monitoring System of Radioactivity (2005)


Order on Methodological Norms Regarding Planning, Organisation and Intervention in the Event of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (2005)

Order Approving Generic Procedures for Data Collection, Validation and Response During a Radiological Emergency (2005)

Order on the Norms Regarding the Release of Radioactive Effluents into the Environment (2005)


Regulation on Requirements for Workers in Nuclear Installations and Radiation Facilities (2005)

Regulations on Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials, Nuclear Installations and Radiation Facilities (2005)

South Africa

Recent Regulatory Developments in the Nuclear Field in South Africa


SKI Regulations on Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities (2005)

Guidance for Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste (2005)


Draft Act on Nuclear Third Party Liability (2005)


Law on the Decision-making Process Applicable in the Siting, Design and Construction of Nuclear Installations and Radioactive Waste Management Facilities (2005)

United States

Energy Policy Act (2005)

Amendments to the Price-Anderson Act (2005)

International Regulatory Authorities

International Atomic Energy Agency

Resolutions adopted by the IAEA General Conference (2005)

European Union

Commission Regulation on the Application of Euratom Safeguards (2005)

Mulitlateral Agreements

The 2005 Review Conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Multilateral Nuclear Environmental Programme in the Russian Federation

Status of Conventions in the field of Nuclear Energy


United Nations

International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism (2005)

Bibiliography and News briefs


List of correspondents



Radiation Act (2004)

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