Press release
Paris, 14 June 2010

Chairman of the NEA Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy receives Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award

Richard J.K. Stratford, Director of the Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety and Security, Bureau of International Security and Non-proliferation, U.S. Department of State and Chairman of the NEA Steering Committee for Nuclear Energy, was honoured on 14 June with the Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award.

The Smyth Award is the highest recognition given jointly by the American Nuclear Society and the Nuclear Energy Institute. Its recipients must have international stature in a broad area of the nuclear energy field and must have made significant contributions towards the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Mr. Stratford is being recognised "for outstanding and statesmanlike contributions to the major aspects of nuclear energy activities in the United States and around the world over the past 25 years including having served twice as Chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency Committee of the Whole and in leading the U.S. team that successfully negotiated the U.S.-India and the U.S.-Russia Agreements for Peaceful Nuclear Co-operation". More information is available at, and

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