Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning & Transmutation

Ninth Information Exchange Meeting

Nîmes, France
25-29 September 2006

The interest in partitioning and transmutation is growing in many countries around the world. In the years to come, partitioning and transmutation (P&T) technology is expected to be one of the key technologies used to alleviate the burden on the geological disposal sites for nuclear waste.

In order to give experts a forum to present and discuss state-of-the-art developments in the P&T field, the OECD/NEA has been organising biennial Information Exchange Meetings on Actinide and Fission Product Partitioning and Transmutation since 1990. The previous meetings were held in Mito (Japan) in 1990, at ANL (United States) in 1992, in Cadarache (France) in 1994, in Mito (Japan) in 1996, in Mol (Belgium) in 1998, in Madrid (Spain) in 2000, in Jeju (Korea) in 2002 and in Las Vegas (USA) in 2004.

The 9th meeting was hosted by the Commissariat à l’énergie atomique (CEA) in France.


The meeting covered scientific, as well as strategic/policy developments in the field of P&T according to the following programme:

Download the full proceedings (pdf format, 16 mb)

Opening session (Tuesday 26, 0900 to 0930)

Welcome addresses from Conference Chairs:
L. Echávarri (OECD/NEA Director General)
J. Bouchard (Special Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of the CEA)
Welcome to CEA Marcoule Center:
L. Martin-Deidier (CEA Valrhô Director)
Introduction to this IEM Programme by the Chair of the 9-IEMPT Advisory Committee:
J. Guidez (CEA Valrhô)

Session on P & T Programmes within Fuel Cycle Strategies
(Tuesday 26, Chairs: J. Bouchard and D. Hill)

Fuel Cycle Strategies and National Programmes on P & T:
France (CEA Pradel/Courtois): French Fuel Cycle Strategy and Partitioning and Transmutation Programme
Japan (JAEA Minato): Research and Development Activities on Partitioning and Transmutation of Radioactive Nuclides in Japan
Korea (KAERI E H Kim): Current Status on Development of P&T in Korea
USA (US DOE Goldner): The United States National Fuel Cycle Strategy Programme
Russia (ROSATOM/RIAR Bychkov): Fuel Cycle Strategies and National Programmes in Russia

International Activities on P & T and the Fuel Cycle:
Overview of EU Activities in Partitioning and Transmutation Research in the EURATOM 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (EU Bhatnagar)
IAEA Activities in the Area of Partitioning and Transmutation (IAEA Stanculescu)
Overview of NEA activities in Partitioning and Transmutation (OECD/NEA Dujardin)
Improved resources utilisation, waste minimisation and proliferation resistance in a regional context (ANL and CEA Salvatores)

Technical Session I: Progress in fuels and targets
(Wednesday 27, Chairs: D. Warin and K. Minato)

Progress in fuels for fast reactors (CEA Martin/Tourasse)
Overview of ITU Work on Inert Matrix Fuels (ITU Fernandez)
Oxide Fuels and Targets for Transmutation (CEA Sudreau)
Progress in Transmutation Targets from EFTTRA (ITU Haas)
Metallic Fuels for Transmutation (INL Hayes)
JAEA’s Activities on Nitride Fuel Research for Minor Actinide Transmutation (JAEA Arai)

Technical Session II: Progress in partitioning and waste forms
(Wednesday 27, Chairs: B. Boullis/P. Lecomte and E. H. Kim)

Recent Activities on Aqueous Partitioning at JAEA (JAEA Kimura)
Development of Spent Fuel Processing Technologies in the United States (ANL Laidler)
EUROPART: European Research Programme for Partitioning of Minor Actinides Within High Active Wastes Issuing the Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuels – Some of the Principal Results Obtained (CEA Madic)
Partitioning of Fissile and Radiotoxic Materials from Spent Nuclear Fuel (RIAR Kormilitsyn)
Partitioning Research at the Joint Research Center-Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU Glatz)
Progress in Partitioning: Activities in ATLANTE (CEA Baron)
Pyroprocess Technology for Metal Fuel Cycle with Integration of Oxide Fuel Treatment at CRIEPI (CRIEPI Inoue/Koyama)
Carbide Fuel Reprocessing and Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Development (IGCAR Raj)

Poster Session: contributed papers for all Technical Sessions
(Wednesday 27, 1800-2200)

Technical Session III: Spallation targets, dedicated transmutation systems, coolants, physics and nuclear data(Thursday 28, Chairs: C. Fazio and J. Wallenius)

EUROTRANS: European Research Programme for the Transmutation of High-level Nuclear Waste in an Accelerator-driven System (FZK Knebel)
Research and Development on ADS at JAEA (JAEA Oigawa)
Presentation of the MYRRHA Draft-2 Design File: State-of-the-Art of the Project at Mid-2005 and Prospects for Realisation (SCK CEN Abderrahim Hamit)
IP-EUROTRANS DM5: Nuclear Data for Transmutation (NUDATRA) Overview and Status (CIEMAT González)
MEGAPIE Target: A Key Experiment for the Demonstration of ADS (CEA Latgé)
Los Alamos Transmutation Research: Heavy Liquid Metal Coolant Technology and Accelerator-driven Materials Test Station (LANL Li)

Technical Session IV: Transmutation in Generation IV Reactors, Implications for waste management, in particular for geological disposal
(Thursday 28, Chairs: A. van Luik and M. Salvatores)

Transmutation capabilities of Generation IV reactors (US DOE Goldner)
Progress in Red-Impact (KTH Gudowski)
Criteria Derived for Geological Disposal Concepts (ANL Wigeland)
NEA Study on the Impact of Advanced Cycles on Waste Management Policies Project (PSI Cavedon)
Issues Related to Public Perception of Radioactive Waste Management Options (EU Taylor)

Summary Session (Guidez and Session Chairs) (Thursday 28, 1700-1800)

The full final programme of the 9th IEM is available here.


The proceedings of this information exchange meeting have now been published by the NEA.

Download the full proceedings (pdf format, 16 mb)

Technical visits

The meeting programme included optional technical visits to the Marcoule centre: the experimental fast reactor Phenix, the Atalante laboratories and the MELOX MOX fuel production plant.

Scientific Advisory Committee

V. Bhatnagar


J. Marivoet

SCK-CEN , Belgium

B. Boullis

CEA, France

K. Minato

JAEA, Japan

P. J. D'Hondt

SCK-CEN , Belgium

S. Monti

ENEA, Italy

P. J. Finck


K. Pasamehmetoglu


J. P. Glatz


A. Stanculescu


E. M. Gonzalez


J. Uhlir

NRI plc, Czech Rep.

J. Guidez (Chair)

CEA, France

H. Umeki

JAEA, Japan

T. Inoue


J. Wallenius

KTH, Stockholm

E. H. Kim

KAERI, Rep. of Korea

D. Warin

CEA, France

J. J. Laidler


A. Van Luik

DOE , United States

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