Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters (WPNEM)

The NEA has a long tradition of expertise in the area of nuclear emergency policy, planning, preparedness and management. Through its technical programmes, the NEA offers its member countries unbiased assistance in the nuclear preparedness arena, with a view towards facilitating improvements in nuclear emergency preparedness strategies and nuclear emergency response at the international level, with a particular focus on decision-making, international communication, information exchange and the compatibility of response actions between various countries.

The mission of the CRPPH Working Party on Nuclear Emergency Matters (WPNEM) is to improve nuclear emergency management systems within member states, and to share its knowledge and experience widely. Within this framework, WPNEM activities focus on identified needs in planning, preparedness and response for the “early” and “intermediate” phases of a nuclear/radiological emergency (including accidents and consequence management for malicious acts), with a view towards preparation of recovery actions. The programme of work is developed in co-ordination with member states and other international organisations

A view of the emergency management timeline and emergency phases
EM Timeline

Participants are emergency management experts from NEA countries with recognised knowledge, skills and abilities in the nuclear field. The Working Party employs a flexible approach to address issues across the entire spectrum of nuclear and radiological emergency management, from preparedness to transition to recovery. Participants share information, data, knowledge, and experience to test all aspects of emergency management systems and approaches, identify gaps and provide recommended strategies to improve nuclear emergency management worldwide.

From the beginning, the NEA's focus of work as carried out by the WPNEM has been on improving the effectiveness of international nuclear emergency preparedness and management. Part of its work programme focuses on exploring and developing new concepts and future procedures to enhance national and international preparedness and response management. A key aspect of these efforts has centred on preparing, conducting and evaluating the International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX) series, which has been organised by the WPNEM since 1993. The experiences and lessons learned from these exercises have provided a substantial base for the development of subsequent strategies and recommendations for improving emergency management systems nationally and internationally.

The WPNEM completed the INEX 4 exercise on consequence management and the transition to recovery. On 14-15 October, the WPNEM agreed on the concept of a new exercise (INEX-5) in the series, building on the outcomes of the INEX-4 exercise. Each participating country will conduct a table-top exercise addressing emergency management aspects of notification, communication and interfaces between and among countries and international organisations during the early phase of a release from a nuclear power plant due to a catastrophic natural disaster. The INEX-5 exercise will provide an opportunity for participating countries to test and demonstrate the value of relevant changes put in place as a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident.

Publications, reports and links

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International Short-term Countermeasures Survey - 2012 Update
(pdf format, 934 kb)

Discussion on Implementation of ICRP Recommendations Concerning Reference Levels and Optimisation
(pdf format, 6 mb)

Summary of the Fourth International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX-4) and Topical Session
(pdf format, 5.5 mb)

Strategy for Developing and Conducting Nuclear Emergency Exercises Une stratégie pour la conception et la réalisation des exercices d'urgence nucléaire
(pdf format, 305 kb)

Experience from the Third International Nuclear Emergency Exercise (INEX 3) on Consequence Management Enseignements tirés du troisième exercice international d'urgence nucléaire (INEX 3) sur la gestion des conséquences
(pdf format, 208 kb)

INEX 2000 Exercise Evaluation Report
(pdf format, 587 kb)

Indemnification of Damage in the Event of a Nuclear Accident: Workshop Proceedings, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 18-20 May 2005
(pdf format, 4.1 mb)

Indemnification of Damage in the Event of a Nuclear Accident: Workshop Proceedings: Paris, France,
26-28 November 2001
Indemnisation des dommages en cas d'accident nucléaire : Compte rendu d'un atelier: Paris, France, 26-28 novembre 2001
(pdf format, 1.7 mb)

Short-term Countermeasures in Case of a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency
(pdf format, 485 kb)

Monitoring and Data Management Strategies for Nuclear Emergencies, NEA, Paris, 2000 Stratégies de surveillance et de gestion de données dans les urgences nucléaires
(pdf format, 617 kb)

Experience from International Nuclear Emergency Exercises: The INEX 2 Series
(pdf format, 204 kb)

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