NEA workshop on

    The Application of Remote and Robotic systems in Nuclear Back‑End Activities – Way Forward in System Implementation

    30-31 January 2019
    Marcoule, France

    Sponsors:  CEA, EDF, Orano, NCNR, MAGICS Instruments


    The purpose of this workshop was to organise a wide international dialogue between parties interested in developing and implementing remote and robotic systems in projects on radioactive waste management and decommissioning (the back‑end of the nuclear fuel cycle). The participants were invited to discuss possible approaches to developing a common understanding on how to address the main requests of final users of systems and on making strategic decisions in order to support the implementation of these systems. The potential of the increasing economic, technical and organisational efficiency of waste management and decommissioning activities with provision of required or even amplified levels of safety were also discussed.

    The workshop also addressed requests from parties interested in fostering a harmonised understanding, terminology and approaches to the development and application of robotic and remote systems through dialogue at the international level.

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    Details about the centre are available on the CEA web page.


    Detailed programme

    Programme committee

    Christine GEORGES – CEA, France

    Leonel LAGOS – Florida International University, United States

    Koji OKAMOTO – JAEA, Japan

    Rustam STOLKIN – University of Birmingham, United Kingtom

    Viktor VOLKOV – Rosenergoatom, Russia

    Gloria KWONG – NEA, France

    Vladimir LEBEDEV – NEA, France

    Massimo CIAMBRELLA – NEA, France

    Jinfeng LI – NEA, France

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    Last reviewed: 12 February 2019