NEA Mandates and Structures

CSNI Programme Review Group (CSNI PRG)

Chair(s): Kimberly WEBBER, United States
Secretary:  Andrew WHITE
Member(s):All NEA member countries
Date of creation:31 December 1999
End of mandate:31 December 2020

Mandate (Document reference):

Mandate (Document extract):

Extract from document NEA/CSNI/R(2017)17

The Programme Review Group is established to perform a programme quality review function within the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) and to provide scientific assistance to the decision-making process of the CSNI. The PRG should also support the Bureau in preparing CSNI meetings and in proposing actions concerning the achievement of CSNI objectives, in the context of the NEA Strategic Plan 2017-2022 [NEA/NE(2016)3/FINAL].

The main functions of the Programme Review Group are the following: