Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (brochure)
It can and has been done
English, 8 pages, published: 10/23/09
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Other language(s):
- Italian: Il Decommissioning degli Impianti Nucleari 
- German: Stilllegung kerntechnischer Anlagen (decommissioning brochure) 
- Swedish: Avveckling av kärntekniska anläggningar 
- Français: Démantèlement des installations nucléaires (brochure) 
- Chinese: 核設施除役 
Considerable international experience gained over the last 20 years demonstrates that nuclear facilities can be safely dismantled and decommissioned once a decision is made to cease operations and permanently shut them down. This brochure looks at decommissioning across a spectrum of nuclear facilities and shows worldwide examples of sucessful projects.