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Legacy books on slowing down, thermalization, particle transport theory, random processes in reactors

by Prof. M.M.R. Williams

Prof. M.M.R Williams, owner of the copyright, released three of his legacy books for a free of charge distribution by the NEA Data Bank.
Requests should be submitted from the abstract.
Once received, these books cannot be further copied or sold.

I. M. M. R. Williams: The Slowing Down and Thermalization of Neutrons, North-Holland Publishing Company Amsterdam, 582 pages, 1966

PART I: The Thermal Energy Region

1. Introduction and Historical Review
2. The Scattering Kernel
3. Neutron Thermalization in an Infinite Homogeneous Medium
4. Neutron Thermalization in Finite Media
5. The Spatial Dependence of the Energy Spectrum
6. Reactor Cell Calculations
7. Synthetic Scattering Kernels

PART II: The Slowing Down Region

8. Scattering Kernels in the Slowing Down Region
9. Neutron Slowing Down in an Infinite Homogeneous Medium
10.Neutron Slowing Down and Diffusion

II. M. M. R. Williams: Mathematical Methods in Particle Transport Theory, Butterworths London, 430 pages, 1971

1. The General Problem of Particle Transport
2. The Boltzmann Equation for Gas Atoms and Neutrons
3. Boundary Conditions
4. Scattering Kernels
5. Some Basic Problems in Neutron Transport and Rarefied Gas Dynamics
6. The Integral Form of the Transport Equation in Plane, Spherical and Cylindrical Geometries
7. Exact Solutions of Model Problems
8. Eigenvalue Problems in Transport Theory
9. Collision Probability Methods
10. Variational Methods
11. Polynomial Approximations

III. M. M. R. Williams: Random Processes in Nuclear Reactors, Pergamon Press Oxford New York Toronto Sydney, 243 pages, 1974

1. Historical Survey and General Discussion
2. Introductory Mathematical Treatment
3. Applications of the General Theory
4. Practical Applications of the Probability Distribution
5. The Langevin Technique
6. Point Model Power Reactor Noise
7. The Spatial Variation of Reactor Noise
8. Random Phenomena in Heterogeneous Reactor Systems
9. Associated Fluctuation Problems
Appendix: Noise Equivalent Sources

The books are stored in PDF format with bookmarks organized by chapters and sections to facilitate the electronic 'navigation' within. Corrigenda for the 3 books are also provided. Each page with a correction has a hyperlink to the corresponding correction and a pointer from the corrigenda back to the original page.

Last modified: 07 November 2018