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Guidelines for IAEA Member States requesting NEA Data Bank Codes

Guidelines for IAEA Member States on designating NEA Data Bank Liaison Officers

The procedure for proposing an individual as a designated NEA-DB LO of a specific IAEA Member State entity is as follows:

    a) A request from the IAEA Member State entity to designate a person as an NEA-DB LO should include the full name of the designated person, the name of the entity they are representing, and his/her official address, email, and telephone number at the entity (private email addresses etc. will not be accepted) and should be sent to the focal point of the National Atomic or Nuclear Energy Commission (NAEA/NEC) of the IAEA Member State concerned. A sample LO nomination letter to the NAEA/NEC can be found here.

    b) Once the National Atomic Authority or Nuclear Energy Commission of the IAEA Member State has approved the designation of the NEA-DB LO, the request and all related information should be forwarded to the respective Member State’s Permanent Mission to the IAEA in Vienna, Austria.

    c) The IAEA Member State Permanent Mission in Vienna then forwards the designation request to the IAEA’s INIS Secretariat at INIS.Feedback@iaea.org where the designation is registered, validated and passed on to the NEA Data Bank. Sample designation letters can be found here. The NEA Data Bank sends the official documents to the newly designated NEA-DB LO for signature.

For any further questions relating to code requests or NEA-DB LO designations, IAEA Member States are advised to contact to INIS.Feedback@iaea.org.

*FAQs for non NEA Data Bank and non OECD Countries

*Please note that these FAQs apply only to non NEA/DB or non OECD countries. The majority of IAEA Member States fall into this category.

Last modified: 11 June 2020