Accident-tolerant fuels

Accident-tolerant fuels may offer opportunities to enhance the safety and competitiveness of commercial nuclear power plants. The NEA, as a part of its effort to advance the scientific bases needed for the development of advanced nuclear fuels, has published the State-of-the-Art Report on Light Water Reactor Accident-Tolerant Fuels. The report reviews the most promising advanced fuel and cladding concepts in terms of their fundamental properties and behaviour under normal and accidental conditions, maturity of technologies, supporting R&D activities, experimental data and modelling results.

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Under the guidance of the NEA Nuclear Science Committee, the Expert Group on Accident-tolerant Fuels for LWRs (EGATFL) has been established to serve as a forum for scientific and technical information exchange on advanced light water reactor (LWR) fuels with enhanced accident tolerance. The expert group focuses on the fundamental properties and behaviour under normal operations and accident conditions for advanced core materials and components (fuels, cladding, control rods, etc.). The materials considered will be applicable to Gen II and Gen III Light Water Reactors, as well as Gen III+ reactors under construction.