International Evaluation Co-operation, Volume 1

Comparison of Evaluated Data for Chromium-52, Iron-56 and Nickel-58

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A Working Party on International Evaluation Co-operation was established under the sponsorship of the OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee (NSC) to promote the exchange of information on nuclear data evaluations, validation, and related topics. Its aim is also to provide a framework for co-operative activities between members of the major nuclear data evaluation projects. This includes the possible exchange of scientists in order to encourage co-operation.

Requirements for experimental data resulting from this activity are compiled. The Working Party determines common criteria for evaluated nuclear data files with a view to assessing and improving the quality and completeness of evaluated data.

The Parties to the project are: ENDF (United States), JEF/EFF (NEA Data Bank Member countries), and JENDL (Japan). Co-operation with evaluation projects of non-OECD countries are organised through the Nuclear Data Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

* NEA/WPEC-1: Comparison of evaluated data for chromium-52, iron-56 and nickel-58 (Volume 1)

* NEA/WPEC-2: Generation of covariance files for iron-56 and natural iron (Volume 2)

* NEA/WPEC-3: Actinide data in the thermal range (Volume 3)

* NEA/WPEC-5: Plutonium-239 fission cross-section between 1 and 100 keV (Volume 5)

* NEA/WPEC-15: Cross-section fluctuations and self-shielding effects in the unresolved resonance region (Volume 15)