Field Tracer Experiments: Role in the Prediction of Radionuclide Migration

Proceedings of an NEA/EC GEOTRAP Workshop, Cologne, Germany, 28-30 August 1996

ISBN : 92-64-16013-2

The workshop was aimed at providing a structured forum whereby implementors, regulators and scientists could interact, contribute to the advancement of the state of the art in this area, discuss the approaches and rationale of past, current and planned tests, and access the results and uses of past experiments.

The technical presentations gave an overview of on-going and planned work in the study of radionuclide transport phenomena and the characterisation of relevant properties of the geologic media. Discussions took place on the extent to which it is possible to resolve migration problems using field tracers experiments, and all participants were asked to define the role of tracer tests in the safety assessment of deep radioactive waste repositories.

This publication include a synthesis of the workshop that reflects the materials that were presented, the discussions that took place and the conclusions drawn, notably during the working group sessions. The publication also reproduces the papers presented at the workshop.