Prediction of Neutron Embrittlement in the Reactor Pressure Vessel

VENUS-1 and VENUS-3 Benchmarks

ISBN : 92-64-17637-3
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The OECD/NEA Task Force on Computing Radiation Dose and Modelling of Radiation-Induced Degradation of Reactor Components (TFRDD) launched two international blind intercomparison exercises to examine the current computation techniques used in NEA Member countries for calculating neutron and gamma doses to reactor components. Various methodologies and different nuclear data were applied to predict dose rates in the Belgian VENUS-1 and three-dimensional VENUS-3 configurations for comparison with measured data.

This report provides the detailed results from the two benchmarks. The exercise revealed that three-dimensional neutron fluence calculations provide results that are significantly more accurate than those obtained from two-dimensional calculations. Performing three-dimensional calculations is technically feasible given the power of today's computers.

Classification ID: NEA/NSC/DOC(2000)5