Business as Usual and Nuclear Power

ISBN : 92-64-17175-4

Energy and nuclear policy makers face many challenges as they evaluate options to ensure an adequate supply of electricity while pursuing environmental, economic and energy security goals. Many analysts suggest that nuclear's share of global energy supply could decrease in coming decades. If energy markets and national energy policies continue along "business as usual" lines, what are the issues that arise? What are the consequences for the long-term availability of nuclear technology and expertise. This book identifies the issues in a series of papers presented at a recent meeting jointly organised by the International Energy Agency and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

Senior energy policy makers and industry executives from OECD Member countries contributed these analyses. They offer a realistic assessment of nuclear's potential contribution, and the major challenges awaiting nuclear energy and energy supply in general. For those seeking a review of the current issues facing nuclear power within the broad context of energy policy, this is an essential report.