Better Integration of Radiation Protection in Modern Society (2001)

Workshop Proceedings, Villigen, Switzerland, 23-25 January 2001

ISBN : 92-64-19694-3
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The societal aspects of risk governance are increasingly becoming a part of public decision-making processes. This tendency is particularly evident in matters dealing with the protection of human health and the environment. The NEA Committee on Radiation Protection and Public Health organised a workshop to examine stakeholder involvement processes through which governments and regulators can arrive at accepted decisions regarding radiological protection. An example of an area in which stakeholder involvement is important is the clean-up of sites contaminated by accidents or by past industrial or research activities.

These proceedings address the roles of various stakeholders in the decision-making process, and their expectations regarding how a modern system of radiological protection should be integrated within the broader context of risk governance. Case studies are presented to illustrate good practice and as a basis for drawing conclusions regarding general lessons that can be applicable in many different national contexts. These proceedings will be of interest to policy makers, radiation protection experts and interested members of the public.