Benchmark on Beam Interruptions in an Accelerator-driven system

Final Report on Phase I Calculations

ISBN : 92-64-02138-8
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In accelerator-driven system (ADS) development, it is important to evaluate temperature variations caused by beam trips as they can result in a temperature transient that would lead to thermal fatigue in the structural components of the subcritical system. A series of benchmarks is therefore being organised by the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) for a lead-bismuth-cooled and MOX-fuelled accelerator-driven system.

This report provides a comparative analysis of the Phase I calculation results of the beam trip transient benchmark. In subsequent phases of the benchmark, temperature transients in different power densities and under irradiated fuel conditions will also be investigated. This report and those to follow will be of particular interest to ADS designers, including subcritical system physicists as well as accelerator scientists.