Experience from International Nuclear Emergency Exercises (INEX 2)

The INEX 2 Series

ISBN : 92-64-18464-3
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In case of a nuclear emergency, countries need to be well prepared to manage a crisis situation. In order to help countries improve their emergency planning, preparedness and management, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) organised a series of international nuclear emergency exercises called INEX 2.

This report summarises the lessons learned from all four exercises in the series, which took place in Switzerland (1996), Finland (1997), Hungary (1998) and Canada (1999), in the areas of:

- decision making based on limited information and on uncertain plant conditions; - real-time exchange of information; - public and media communications; and - preparation and conduct of emergency exercises on an international level.

The report will be of interest to both policy makers and technical managers in the nuclear emergency field.