Nuclear Energy Today: First Edition

ISBN : 92-64-10328-7
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Energy is the power of the world's economies, whose appetite for this commodity is increasing as the leading economies expand and developing economies grow. How to provide the energy demanded while protecting our environment and conserving natural resources is a vital question facing us today. Many parts of our society are debating how to power the future and whether nuclear energy should play a role.

Nuclear energy is a complex technology with serious issues and a controversial past. Yet it also has the potential to provide considerable benefits. In pondering the future of this imposing technology, people want to know:

  • How safe is nuclear energy?
  • Is nuclear energy economically competititive?
  • What role can nuclear energy play in meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets?
  • What can be done with the radioactive waste it generates?
  • Does its use increase the risk of proliferation of nuclear weapons?
  • Are there sufficient and secure resources to permit its prolonged exploitation?
  • Can tomorrow's nuclear energy be better than today's?

This publication provides authoritative and factual replies to the questions. Written primarily to inform policy makers, it will also serve interested members of the public, academics, journalists and industry leaders.