Radiological Protection of the Environment: The Path Forward to a New Policy?

Workshop Proceedings, Taormina, Sicily, Italy, 12-14 February 2002

ISBN : 92-64-09969-7
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The international system of radiological protection is currently being revised with the aim of making it more coherent and concise. During the revision process, particular attention is being given to the development of an explicit system for the radiological protection of the environment in addition to that of human beings.

In order to support the ongoing discussions of the international community of radiological protection experts, these proceedings try to answer the questions: Is there an international rationale behind the wish to protect the environment from radiation? Do we have enough scientific information to develop and define a broadly accepted policy? What are the characteristics of the process for developing a system or radiological protection of the environment?

These proceedings comprise the views of a broad range of invited speakers, including policy makers, regulators, radiological protection and environmental protection professionals, industry, social scientists and representatives of both non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations.