Chemical Thermodynamics of Americium (reprint)

Chemical Thermodynamics Volume 2

ISBN : 92-64-02168-X
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The present volume is a reprint of the 1995 edition of Chemical Thermodynamics of Americium.


by Robert J. Silva (Chairman), Giovanni Bidoglio, Malcolm H. Rand, Piotr B. Robouch, Hans Wanner and Ignasi Puigdomenech with an Appendix on Uranium by: Ingmar Grenthe, M. C. Amaia Sandino, Ignasi Puigdomenech and Malcolm H. Rand


This volume is part of the series Chemical Thermodynamics, published under the aegis of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. It contains a critical review of the literature on thermodynamic data for inorganic complexes and compounds of americium. A review team, composed of internationally recognized experts, has critically reviewed all the scientific literature containing chemical thermodynamic information for the above-mentioned systems. The results of this critical review carried out following the Guidelines of the NEA TDB Project have been documented in the present volume, which contains tables of selected values for formation and reaction thermodynamic properties and an extensive bibliography.


Note that the selections contained in this publication may have been superseded by the 1st update published in 2003 and the 2nd update in 2020.