Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities - SATIF 6

Workshop Proceedings 2002

ISBN : 92-64-01733-X
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Particle accelerators are used today for an increasing range of scientific and technological applications. They are very powerful tools for investigating the origin and structure of matter, and for improving understanding of the interaction of radiation with materials, including the transmutation of nuclides and the beneficial or harmful effects of radiation. Particle accelerators are used to identify properties of molecules that can be used in pharmacy, for medical diagnosis and therapy, and for biophysics studies.

Particle accelerators must be operated in safe ways that protect the operators, the population and the environment. New technological and research applications give rise to new issues in radiation shielding. These workshop proceedings review the state of the art in radiation shielding of accelerator facilities and irradiated targets. They also evaluate advancements and discuss the additional developments required to meet radiation protection needs.