CSNI Technical Opinion Papers - No. 9

Level-2 PSA for Nuclear Power Plants

ISBN : 978-92-64-99008-1
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This technical opinion paper represents the consensus of risk analysts in NEA member countries on the current state of the art of level-2 probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) and its applications in accident management of nuclear power plants. Level-2 PSA models the phenomena that could occur following the onset of core damage that have the potential to challenge the containment integrity and lead to a release of radioactive material to the environment. The paper's objective is to present decision makers in the nuclear field with a clear technical opinion on the status as implemented in industrial PSAs.

The intended audience is primarily nuclear safety regulators, researchers and industry representatives dealing with safety management and severe accidents. Government authorities and nuclear power plant operators may also be interested in the paper.

CSNI: NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations.