Computing Radiation Dose to Reactor Pressure Vessel and Internals: State-of-the-Art Report


The OECD/NEA Nuclear Science Committee Task Force on Computing Radiation Dose and Modelling of Radiation-induced Degradation of Reactor Components was set up in November 1995 in response to a request by the NEA Committee on Safety of Nuclear Installations. The purpose of this Task Force was to:

  • evaluate the accuracy of the calculation methods used in NEA Member countries for predicting
    long-term radiation doses to reactor pressure vessels and internal structures
  • identify points for improvement and validate the performance of improved methods for fluence
  • initiate a study on the modelling of radiation-induced damage in metals

This report fulfils the first and second objectives of the Task Force by providing a critical discussion of the most recently published literature on computational methods of reactor dosimetry, and a detailed overview of the computational techniques currently used in the dosimetry programs of NEA member countries. The analysis presented suggests additional factors whose importance should be considered in modelling these phenomena. Proposals were made for further work on these problems.