Regulatory Inspection of Nuclear Power Plants in NEA Member Countries

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Nuclear Installations decided at its meeting in October 1976, that a Specialist Meeting should be held in 19'7'7 to exchange experience and views on the practices followed in Member countries in regulatory inspection of nuclear power plants, and to discuss the practical problems encountered in carrying out these activities.

The sub-Committee considered that such an exchange of experience was particularly important because of the increasing use of nuclear power plants and public interest in the safety controls exercised in Member countries, and it would give regulatory bodies the opportunity to compare national practices at different stages in the development of nuclear power. The meeting would therefore be concerned with regulatory inspection activities from the initial site selection through all stages, including design and manufacture, construction, commissioning, operation and eventual decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

The questionnaire which was circulated to all Member countries requested details on the organisation, system, scope and objectives of nuclear regulatory inspection and the effort required throughout all stages of the life of a nuclear plant including the use of independent bodies or consultants. Additional information was requested on the documentation concerned with regulatory inspections, incident and accident reporting procedures, and the duties, powers and bases for recruitment of regulatory personnel with the object of covering all related aspects.