Workshop on Assuring Nuclear Safety Competence into the 21st Century - Summary and Conclusions - Budapest, Hungary 12-14 October 1999 -

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A workshop took place in Budapest between 12 and 14 October 1999 to consider issues concerning assuring nuclear safety competence into 21st century. This was in response to recommendations from the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA). A number of invited papers were presented along with presentations from Member countries. Whilst there were country differences and perspectives the problems were recognised, particularly the long-term strategic nature of the issues. Action is needed now due to the time lag to restore competence losses. The CNRA is invited to highlight the issues to OECD and consider what actions it can take in response to the recommendations made in this report. Specific attention is drawn to:

  • The need for a long-term view and planning.
  • Preservation of core subjects.
  • The Young Generation Network
  • Encourage development of the IAEA documents on regulatory competencies.
  • Knowledge capture and advancement