The Strategic Plan for the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities

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The NEA’s Strategic Plan, published in 1999, has recommended that all committees review their programme and working methods, and develop their own strategic plan. As a result, the CNRA Bureau developed the strategic plan described herein. Its purpose is to provide the general orientations and objectives to be pursued by the CNRA over the next five years. In 1997, the CNRA conducted an ‘external’ review of its activities and working methods (T.E. Murley et al. “A Review of the Role, Activities and Working Methods of the CNRA”) and, in 1998, published a report on “Future Regulatory Challenges”. These two reports are still relevant today and guide the Committee’s current programme of work. They are to be used in conjunction with the Strategic Plan as they provide the basis and the
justification for CNRA activities.

The intention is to update the report on “Future Regulatory Challenges” periodically, to reflect the changing trends in nuclear safety. Similarly, periodic reviews will be conducted to assess whether the CNRA is effective in meeting its mandate and the needs of the NEA Member countries.