Self-Healing Topical Session: Proceedings

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A topical session focused on the Evidence of, and Approaches to Self-Healing in Argillaceous Media was organised in the framework to the 11th meeting of the Clay Club, held in Nancy, France on 16 May 2001. The topical session was mainly aimed at exchanging information on the general point of view on self-healing from geomechanical and geochemical experts, and the approaches that are or will be followed by the various organisations in order to deal with self-healing. The geological settings covered in the presentations concerned the whole range of argillaceous media, from soft, plastic clays to indurated clay-stones, currently studied with respect to deep disposal of radioactive waste. The topical session highlighted the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to this topic. The presentations emphasised the interest of a state-of-the-art report on self-healing to provide a sound and disposal-dedicated scientific framework for subsequent studies related to this area. This document comprises the proceedings of the topical session.