Regulatory Practices for Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities with special regard of Regulatory Inspection Practices

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In many countries the industrial activities for the decommissioning of shut down nuclear facilities have increased within the last ten years and are constantly increasing as older facilities retire and the need for their dismantling or safe enclosure (safe-store) becomes prominent. Technical solutions have been proved to be feasible and safe. They rely heavily on the regulatory provisions for clearance of radioactive material, on at least intermediate storage capacities of decommissioning waste and ultimately on the existence of final repositories.

The regulatory requirements for the decommissioning of shut down nuclear facilities have drawn increasing attention. Nevertheless, special regulatory inspection programmes for decommissioning are not yet widely established. In turn, even the approaches for regulatory approval of these activities have not yet been based on a legal framework in many countries.

Although the CNRA Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP) primarily deals with regulatory inspection, WGIP with approval of CNRA has agreed to compile the regulatory licensing requirements and inspection programmes for decommissioning.

Fourteen countries have contributed answers to a questionnaire. This report summarises the current regulatory programmes for decommissioning of nuclear facilities in the contributing countries following to the given answers.

The full answers are compiled in a tabular form in Annex 1. Some brief information on the decommissioning programmes in the different countries is given in Annex 2.