The Effectiveness of Licensees in Inspecting the Management of Safety

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During discussions at several meetings, the Working Group on Inspection Practices (WGIP) on management and safety culture issues, it was agreed: it was important that the management of a licensee needs to be effective in managing safety related issues; and that the regulatory authority is aware of the licensee’s performance relating to this matter. Accordingly, members made presentations at the WGIP meeting, held in Budapest on 20-22 October 1998, on how they carried out inspections of licensees’ management systems and practices related to safety at nuclear installations. The presentations showed that there was little commonality in approach.

With the approval of CNRA, WGIP set up a small sub-group to give further consideration to how a regulatory authority can assess the effectiveness of a licensee in managing safety.

This report outlines the work of the sub-group and the subsequent discussions and conclusions of WGIP.