The Regulatory Control of Radioactive Waste Management in NEA Member Countries

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As major stakeholders, the radioactive waste management regulators in the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) of the NEA have already recognised the value of exchange and comparison of information about national practices and of having an informal, international network for discussion of issues of common concern. The opportunity for such activity is provided by the Regulators’ Forum of the RWMC (RWMC-RF) whose first major action was to compile information about the regulatory control of radioactive waste management in NEA member countries, with emphasis on waste disposal. This document presents the initial results of that work.It includes factual information about national policies for radioactive waste management, institutional frameworks, legislative and regulatory frameworks, available guidance, classification and sources of waste, the status of waste management, current issues and related R&D programmes. It should, thus, provide an important source of reference for all stakeholders intending to learn about international practices.